23 May 2019

Moscow, Russia


Main topics

Autonomous and self-driving cars: when will the technology be released to masses?

Connected cars 2017-2026: Макроэкономическая оценка зрелости рынка

Innovations in the technology and gadgets market for drivers

Mobile communications and monetization in the automotive industry

Forecast on change of the city infrastructure under the universal application of connected car technology

Legal features and restrictions on use

New features of insurance programs: prevention of accidents and anti-theft systems

The future of mobile applications within the ConnectedCar technology

Self- driving cars in the city: Are they a luxury or a means of transportation?

Development of the automotive market taking into account the technology «vehicle-to-vehicle» or V2V

BigData vs busy roads: how will the technology eliminate traffic jams forever?

Innermost desires of car owners or what is the customer willing to pay for: a global analysis of the market situation

You are not alone: privacy and security issues in connected cars

Digital car: from infotainment to telematics

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