Speakers 2016

The first day: conference and exhibition


This year Connected Car Conference was divided into three thematic blocks:

  1. State and business: development trends of the latest technologies and solutions of the Russian business, world experience.
  2. Smart cars: technologies and services.
  3. Telematic solutions and services for the market: insurance.


Summit was opened by the President of GLONASS Union, Alexander Gurko. After his report ‘Development of the Russian consumer services market based on Connectivity’ he personally visited all exhibition booths in order to learn about the advanced developments and achievements in the industry.

Reports were also delivered by representatives of event sponsors. Rightech’s deputy director Ivan Zapolskiy and Delimobil’s expert Stanislav Groshov told about business automation technologies, big data processing and carsharing implementation. СЕО at T-Tronic, which created a car service platform, David Shostak shared secrets of developing viable products based on big data analytics.

Visitors were greatly interested by the report of the foreign guest – Vincent Bonne from OCTO Telematics S.p.A. Speaker touched the topic of transforming the insurance industry by implementing telematics. Lecture by Roman Fershter from Mobile-eye also attracted lots of attention, revealing how to move beyond the development of driver assistance systems to the creation of unmanned technologies.

Besides that, speakers of the first block included representatives of famous car manufacturers – Sollers, GAZ, AVTOVAZ. The subject of the second block was highlighted by experts from Bright Box, Yandex Automotive Lab, Cisco, Cognitive Technologies, Software Solutions, EuroMobile. In the third block, the representative of MTS spoke about the usage-based insurance, and lawyers from Baker&McKenzie’s Moscow office discussed the solution of key legal issues and industry regulation.



Main topics

Autonomous and self-driving cars: when will the technology be released to masses?
Connected cars 2016-2026: Макроэкономическая оценка зрелости рынка
Innovations in the technology and gadgets market for drivers
Mobile communications and monetization in the automotive industry
Forecast on change of the city infrastructure under the universal application of connected car technology
Legal features and restrictions on use
New features of insurance programs: prevention of accidents and anti-theft systems
The future of mobile applications within the ConnectedCar technology
Self- driving cars in the city: Are they a luxury or a means of transportation?
Development of the automotive market taking into account the technology «vehicle-to-vehicle» or V2V
BigData vs busy roads: how will the technology eliminate traffic jams forever?
Innermost desires of car owners or what is the customer willing to pay for: a global analysis of the market situation
You are not alone: privacy and security issues in connected cars
Digital car: from infotainment to telematics
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