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The way technologies change urban infrastructure    2017-06-20

The way technologies change urban infrastructure

Car sharing is gradually entering everyday life. According to Global Market Insights forecasts, the global car sharing market will reach six and a half billion dollars in 2024. But how will new...

 How about pouring ethanol here? American scientists offer a way to charge electric car fast 2017-06-19
Electric cars: already 2 million! Global fleet of electric cars has grown twofold 2017-06-12
YourMove – a car sharing service launched in Sochi 2017-06-09
Elon Musk’s company presents a new model of underground bus  2017-05-31
Daymak C5 Blast: world’s fastest electric race car  2017-05-22
Tesla started complete robotization of production 2017-05-12
Overall results of Connected Car Summit 2016: conference, exhibition, discussions, hackathon 2016-12-27
Connected Car Summit sponsor — Rightech IoT platform 2016-12-12
T-Tronic became a sponsor of winter Connected Car summit  2016-12-08
Connected Car Summit and GLONASS Unit announce contest for connected cars startupers 2016-12-02
Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Glonass Union President will speak at Connected Сar Summit   2016-11-25
Registration for the First Russian Hackathon Connected Car is open! 2016-11-23
GLONASS Union becomes Connected Car Summit co-organizer 2016-09-13
French-Japanese alliance is the new manufacturing leader of electric cars 2016-07-13
Tesla killed a man for the first time 2016-07-06

Tesla killed a man for the first time

American electric car from Tesla hit the truck, which resulted in death of sedan driver. This was the first time when autopilot-enabled car led to such serious crash. Preliminary figures...

Swiss car broke acceleration record 2016-06-30

Swiss car broke acceleration record

An electric car called Grimsel, made in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich by ordinary students, appeared to be the fastest in accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour....

Image of future city car  2016-06-24

Image of future city car

Constant motion is the main thing for a man of the future. And no matter how they reach it. A car of tomorrow should stop conducting a great amount of features and provide only comfortable and...

Norway to stop selling petrol powered cars 2016-06-10

Norway to stop selling petrol powered cars

An article appeared on Quartz website telling that petrol and diesel powered cars will be banned in Norway by 2025. As an alternative the use of electric and hybrid cars is being...

Britons are to work on their fitness right on the way to work 2016-05-30
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