10 Fastest Electric Cars
10 Fastest Electric Cars

That’s right: this is a compilation of electric cars which would give a head start to any gas analogue. The slowest car in this list gains 100 kmh less than in 4 seconds.

Within the last couple of years, electric cars have made a huge leap from heavy and clumsy prototypes to reliable players on the consumer market selling as much as their gas brothers. The first marvel in this segment is electric car from Tesla Motors, American company that started from scratch and in just a few years turned into the most successful startup, giving an example to all old-timers in car manufacturing industry.

Today, electric cars are developing much faster than similar gas vehicles and can be designated for great design and powerful engine as good as traditional machines.

P. S. Most electric cars are produced in USA, where metric system is uncommon, that’s why out top 10 list will have acceleration rate from 0 to 98 kmh (60 mph).

#10 Tesla Roadster Sport

First ride comes from Tesla Motors. Car company didn’t have its own body designs at the time and had to borrow the Lotus base. Despite of its rawness, the car shows impressive 3.7s gaining 96 kmh from 0.

#9 Detroit Electric SP:01

Similar concept with Lotus body. Taking into account the same aerodynamics and 282 hp electric engine, the car also needs 3.7s to reach 96 kmh. Although manufacturer decided to produce only 999 models.

#8 Renovo Coupe

From the look of it, it seems that the car has travelled time from 1960s, but don’t judge too fast: under its hood it has 500 hp electric motor providing 1000 Nm of torque, which boosts its speed to 96 kmh in 3.4s. Unfortunately, such acceleration would drain the battery in 30 minutes. That’s why this sprinter will never see mass market.

#7 Tesla Model S P85D

Born for speed driving, Tesla Model S has two electric motors providing 691 hp and acceleration from 0 to 96 kmh in 3.2s.

#6 Drayson Racing B12/69

There was gas Drayson B10 Le Mans, now it’s electrical Drayson Racing B12/69. Everything that has been changed was a motor and a gas tank. And the car got faster too: 850 hp and 96 kmh in 3s.

#5 Spark-Renault SRT_01E

Racecar has been specially developed for Formula E, electric version of Formula-1. It gains 96 kmh in less than 3s, very quietly and very crafty.

#4 Wrightspeed X1

This is the electric version of the sensational Ariel Atom, unique car with lightweight spaceframe and perfect steering. New engine improved acceleration - 96 kmh in 2.9s, which is quite a competition for gas racecars. Unfortunately Wrightspeed X1 has been created only as a demonstration of electric engines possibilities and will not be mass produced.

#3 Rimac Concept One 

Beautiful concept that costs a million dollars and gains 96 kmh in impressive 2.8s, due to lite carbon spaceframe and a powerful electric engine (1088 hp). As of now, the company is assembled individually, but it has all chances to go into the mass production.

#2 PlasmaBoy Racing White Zombie

Подождите секундочку, это не шутка. Пускай вас не обманывает старенький кузов от Datsun 1200 1972 года. Этот самодельный электромобиль показывает поразительные 1,8 секунды при разгоне с 0 до 96 км/ч. Создано это чудо в «домашних условиях» веселым американским парнем  Джоном Вэйландом. Единственная профессиональная деталь в машине – батарея от вертолета ВМС США. Хотя кого это волнует, если за «Белым Зомби» не угонятся даже именитые Ferrari и Lamborghini.

#1 Grimsel

И снова профессиональные автоконцерны глотают пыль: 1,785 секунды при разгоне до 100 км/ч! Grimsel создан швейцарской командой студентов из Университета прикладных наук Люцерна и EXT Цюрих. Маленькая, как швейцарский ножик, машинка выигрывает наш заезд самых быстрых электромобилей!

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