5 reasons to buy an electric car
5 reasons to buy an electric car

CleanTechnica published the research about electric car sales. Representatives of the resource surveyed over 2 000 owners of “green” cars from 28 countries to define factors motivating people for such a purchase.

It turned out that a typical owner of an electric car is a middle-aged man with a profit above average; he lives in a private house in the USA or Europe and has no children. Tesla and Powepall are the most popular ones. A small part of respondents charges ecomobiles at special service stations.

Around 50% want to buy Tesla Model 3 in the future.

Researchers found out that Americans were motivated by big discounts while Europeans – by a developed infrastructure. Approximately 45% bough the electric car because being environmentally friendly. Some were attracted by cheap usage, the others wanted to test innovative technologies. In general, there are lots of reasons. However, CleanTechnica defined five most important.

5 motivating factors to buy an electric car

1. Huge discounts

A $3000 discount was the main reason for buying a new electric car for 45% of respondents. Most of them were Americans.

2. A developed infrastructure

Europeans view an available charge and a free parking as a determinative factor.

3. Home charge station

Americans who purchase electric cars with a discount spend saved money on Powerpall.

4. Driving in a separate zone

16% of respondents believe that electric cars, buses and automatic cars should have a separate zone.

5. High quality of electric cars

Elon Musk set a high bar: consumers want to buy an electric car with all-wheel drive, a remote software update, control of main parameters via smartphones, etc. Overall, everyone wants Tesla’s quality.

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