How about pouring ethanol here? American scientists offer a way to charge electric car fast
 How about pouring ethanol here? American scientists offer a way to charge electric car fast

Despite numerous advantages of electric transport, it has one significant disadvantage, preventing its usage on all roads worldwide: batteries.

Indeed, modern batteries are not quite expensive. Sure, there are high capacity batteries, providing electric cars with autonomous driving up to 310 miles. But the recharging period is still long.

Actually, to overcome the distance, for instance, between St. Petersburg and Krasnodar, one should stop every 2-3 hours in order to recharge a vehicle. Thus, scientists from around the world are trying to find a way to avoid this problem.

Scientists from Purdue University (Indiana, the USA) directed by Professor John Cushman informed of achievements in this area. Specifically, it refers to replaceable liquid electrolyte.

This means a common battery with liquid electrolyte but the latter contains a certain amount of electric charge. The idea includes the opportunity to change it.

Researchers suggest the following concept: a driver arrives to the filling station and puts two hose pipes instead of one into the car. The first one pumps out previous electrolyte, while the second one pours new one. This process will require several minutes like petrol filling.

Well, the driver goes away on the charged car and drained electrolyte is put over to a small factory located under a wind-powered generator and solar battery roof where it is processed and returns to the filling station in charged condition.

The team has founded the company called IF-battery in order to bring this idea to perfection and attract investors.

One offers to use water solution and ethanol (methanol) as electrolyte. It is still unclear what will be included to the combination besides spirit. However, scientists could create batteries without separators, which will reduce their cost and increase operating life.

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