Airbus presented new-generation autonomous air taxi – CityAirbus
Airbus presented new-generation autonomous air taxi – CityAirbus

Airbus is a European company that can make a breakthrough in the transportation industry. The aerospace corporation has recently presented a prototype of autonomous electric air taxi CityAirbus that will perform test flights in Ingolstadt (Germany) this year.

Ingolstadt participates in the EU Urban Air Mobility project intended to run trials of autonomous passenger aerial transport in towns.

CityAirbus resembles a big drone and can carry up to four passengers. Air taxi uses electric drive and can perform transportations without a pilot. The charge lasts for 50 km of continuous flight and the air taxi can reach the speed of 120 km/h.

In the future, Airbus plans to carry passengers along fixed routes, for example, from airport to city center. Besides, the autonomous air taxi will find use in healthcare – for quick transportation of physicians, organ transplants, or patients that require urgent surgeries. For now, the company does not plan private flights and individual routes.

Although CityAirbus will make the first flights in the middle of 2019, Airbus believes that the establishment of the legal framework for autonomous passenger transportation within the EU can last until 2025. Only then, air taxi will be ready for commercial use.

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