Google self-driving cars are considered drivers by the USA
Google self-driving cars are considered drivers by the USA

The self-driving car system is now considered a ‘driver’. This decision was made by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The system equated with live driver is legally called a driver.

This decision allows Google driverless vehicle to adhere the initial idea, according to which, the car doesn’t require a person behind the steering wheel.

While testing, a driver had to be in the self-driving car in order to take the control in the unpredictable situation.

It was necessary to add pedals and the steering wheel into the Google car, although the initial project didn’t consider it. While testing, Google cars were moving with a speed of 25 miles per hours.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that all certification issues will disappear. It is difficult to understand why the ‘driver’ without hands requires a hand brake. Since January 2016, the Ministry has been developing new norms and rules for electric cars. Perhaps, they will simplify the life of driverless car developers.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles published new driverless traffic regulations that suppose the operator to be in the car. In addition, this operator should have a certain license. The car should be equipped with a steering wheel and pedals.

Google said that such requirements absolutely contradict the self-driving car concept and limit the technology development.


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