Britons are to work on their fitness right on the way to work
Britons are to work on their fitness right on the way to work

The modern rhythm of life is so dynamic that people try to put every minute to good use. Now one can keep fit even while a road trip. London-based 1Rebel decided to release special buses with fitness equipment where passengers will be able to train while travelling to work and home.

The idea, which the biggest fitness equipment brand decided to implement, is not new. Previously, such buses have been released but they allow training only at stops and it was inefficient and uncomfortable. New Ride2Rebel buses will allow using training equipment within the whole trip so passengers will be able to work on major grounds of muscles efficiently.    

10 fitness cycles will be equipped in buses. Fitness classes are likely to be conducted by an experienced coach. Company representatives say that also there will be musical bands in buses. It is actually unclear why travelling fitness rooms require concerts.         

Fitness equipment buses will operate on four popular routs beginning in various parts of London. A terminal point is a center of the capital near 1Rebel building where passengers could get changed, take a shower, have a breakfast and go to work.     

Currently, such buses are at the development stage because WMOR architects specialists who designed travelling fitness rooms are looking for ways to get rid passengers from jolting while moving. Moreover, British company representatives think over implementing an electrical power generation method by means of spinning fitness cycle pedals. Whereas, 1Rebel is negotiating with transport organizations about a long-term bus rent.      

If the developers settle all issues, Ride2Rebel will operate on certain routes later this year. The cost of 45-minute road trip is known to be around $ 18–22.



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