Swiss car broke acceleration record
Swiss car broke acceleration record

An electric car called Grimsel, made in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich by ordinary students, appeared to be the fastest in accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. According to Institute representatives, the new world record is 1,513 seconds. The car required fantastic 30 feet of the road pavement.

Only 30 people participated in the project. A construction was made of ultralight materials: carbon-filled plastic, carbon and aluminum. Due to these materials, the car weighs 168 kg. Each wheel has 200 horsepower electric motor, which totally provides torque of 1700 Nm.

Previously, the fastest electric car was E0711-6 model, designed by Stuttgart's students. Their brainchild speeds up to 100 km per 1,779 seconds and has 1200 Nm of torque.

For years, Model S has been the fastest electric automobile, reaching 100 km per 2.8 seconds. A new Bugatti model called Chiron is considered to be the fastest among gas-operated vehicles. Due to 1480 horsepower capacity, it requires only 2.5 seconds to speed up from 0 to 100 km. 

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