Tesla killed a man for the first time
Tesla killed a man for the first time

American electric car from Tesla hit the truck, which resulted in death of sedan driver. This was the first time when autopilot-enabled car led to such serious crash.

Preliminary figures indicate that car sensors didn’t catch the high trailer and the driver hasn’t been able to react on the appearing truck. As a result, Tesla was hit in the top part of the car and the driver died at scene.

The company gives its condolences to the family of the man and emphasizes on the fact that this accident happened for the first time for 210m kilometers of driving, which has been reached by the electric car in the autopilot mode. According to the global statistics, lethal car crash happens on average once for every 97m kilometers.

All details of the accident are currently under investigation. Tesla Model S reminds its users that the autopilot mode still requires holding the wheel and be ready to take over the control any moment.

Tesla promised to fix the error and launch its update pretty soon.

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