Electric car from Chevrolet goes into mass production
Electric car from Chevrolet goes into mass production

Recent reports say that Chevrolet is going to make its concept car Bolt EV available to the mass market. Model has first been demonstrated at Detroit Auto Show.

Talks have long been going here and there. GM North America President Alan Batey unveiled plans for future development of electric technologies. “We’re going forward at full speed and are really ready to make our name on the electric vehicle market,” he said.

This sounds about right. The price of new GM car will comprise approx. $30,000 and manufacturer claims it would be able to run twice longer than any currently existing electric car -- more than 320 km. Choosing your preferred driving modes and fast battery charging are the other available options.

Mass production of new model is expected to start at the end of 2016 at Orion manufacturing facility near Detroit. The car will be available only on American and Canadian markets.

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