Connected Car: «Still parking personally? We come to the rescue! "
Connected Car:  «Still parking personally? We come to the rescue! "

We have already discussed the issue of self-piloted cars – vehicles of the future that can relieve men from distraction of driving a car and afford him to take care of his business while the autopilot carries him from point "A" to point "B".

However, the development of this area of auto industry does not happen as quickly as desired and it’s not only because of the legal side of the question. The fact is that the drivers themselves are not so happy from the idea of the opportunity to get rid of driving personally.

Imagine that you have spent a pretty penny for a modern premium-class car, stuffed with "smart" electronics and having a powerful engine under the hood. And then it tells you: "Relax, buddy! Read some news, I’ll take the wheel!”. Definitely not every driver will allow somebody to take from him the pleasure of driving bright new toy, especially if it’s the toy itself who’s asking.

One of the view points on this dilemma offers Ricky Hudi - Chief engineer for electrics/electronics development in Audi AG. He says: "The car should become autonomous only if the driver wants it to be: like when the situation on the road too boring for him. A perfect example - parking or traffic jams. If I want a drive - I will drive myself! ".

The Audi believe that their task is to build a system of complete trust between the car and its owner, so that the driver could safely delegate to his car the tasks that he considers to be too boring.

The appearance of technologies that allow the driver to ease probably not much pleasant process of parking was quite logical and consistent response to modern auto market. Such leaders of auto industry as Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Ford are offering long since a function of parking automotive assistant - a technology that allows you not to engage yourself by counting of safe centimeters between the front and rear car at the parking  - for that you have smart electronics.

But this is only the beginning! The next step - it is an opportunity to save your time, trusting the car to search the parking spot itself. Testing of such systems is in full swing and it looks quite realistic:

Similar to each other system prototypes Piloted Parking from Audi and Self-Parking CAR from Volvo suggest that in the near future people will simply drive up to a particular place and go to do their business while the car will look for a place to park. Once the car owner has finished with his business, he will send his car a message via smartphone that he is ready to be picked up, and in few minutes his car-friend will be waiting for him at the spot they have part ways.


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