Connected cars Summit: registration is opened!
Connected cars Summit: registration is opened!

We look forward to seeing you at a unique exhibition and conference Connected Car, to be held on April 28, 2016.  This event is dedicated to topical areas of the connected car development allowing everyone to touch the future of the transport industry.

From now on, there is a registration of all those wishing to visit the exhibition on the official website. For those who are fervent admirers of the rapidly growing industry of Connected Cars, we have prepared a special offer: only before March 27, a ticket to attend the conference costs one-third cheaper than the stated price, and access to the demo area is 40% more affordable.

The leading experts in the field of connected cars will be invited to the event. They will discuss the following topical issues:

•       Connected cars 2016-2026: Macroeconomic assessment of the market maturity;
•       Autonomous and self-driving cars: when will the technology be released to masses?
•       Digital car: from infotainment to telematics;
•       You are not alone: privacy and security issues concerning connected cars;
•       Innermost desires of car owners or what is the customer willing to pay for: a global analysis of the market situation;
•       Big Data vs. busy roads: how will the technology eliminate traffic jams forever?
•       Development of the automotive market taking into account the “vehicle-to-vehicle” or V2V technology;
•       Self- driving cars in the city: are they a luxury or a means of transportation?
•       The future of mobile applications within the ConnectedCar technology;
•       New features of insurance programs: prevention of accidents and anti-theft systems;
•       Legal features and restrictions on use;
•       Forecast on change of the city infrastructure under the universal application of connected car technology;
•       Mobile communications and monetization in the automotive industry;
•       Innovations in the technology and gadgets market for drivers.
Summit Participants:

Skolkovo, LG, Samsung, Google, Apple, Yandex, AnyTime, Remoto, RoadGear, WayRay and others.

If you follow the relevant technologies of the future and know what role the connected cars play there, hurry up to buy tickets to a unique exhibition and conference Connected Car at a special price. We will wait for you on April 28th. Come and touch the future now.

Please follow the link to register and buy tickets.

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