Discount for everyone: half-price tickets to Connected Car Conference

Discount for everyone: half-price tickets to Connected Car Conference

Here is the recipe for successful celebration of Russia’s Spring and Labor Day as well as Victory Day: buy a ticket to Connected Car Conference at a 50% discount and have a good time!

From April 23 till May 3, tickets will be available at half-price:

15 000 RUB = 7500 RUB!

No promotion codes: just select a necessary amount of tickets and keep registering.

By the way, the price will grow up to 12 000 RUB from May 4. A ticket will cost 15 000 RUB on the day of the event (May 23).

The conference program is already completed. You will be able to enjoy presentations by experts from the largest companies and market leaders: Moscow Tesla Club, JSC GLONASS, Skolkovo, the Digital Age of Transport Association, Rightech, Tomashevskaya & Partners, RGRAUTO Ltd., and others. Speakers will discuss the following issues:

  • Internet of Things technology as a solution for car industry challenges;
  • autonomous driving and driver-assistance systems (ADAS);
  • sharing of cargo scooters for deliveries and sharing of scooters for personal use;
  • integration of intelligent transport system in regions.

Besides, the conference will feature a panel discussion on regulatory basis for transport infrastructure digitalization.

Cheer up on these holidays and do not forget to buy a ticket at the best possible price. See you at Connected Car Conference.

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