Ten leading software developers in the connected car market
Ten leading software developers in the connected car market


Auditors from PwC suppose that the global connected car market will surpass €122 billion by 2021. Safe driving systems, automated cars, information and entertainment sector will become the major areas.

Read further in the article about top ten software developers that are bringing these forecasts to life.



Airbiquity, the USA


Founded: 1997

Staff size: 100+

Airbiquity is one of the global leaders in delivering connected car services. The company’s focus area is the development of automobile telematics technology. Developers offer a complex product portfolio and integration with the well-known connected car platform called Choreo. The company’s clients are Nissan, BMW, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Fiat, Renault, Infinity, etc.

Focus areas:

  • basic integration, deployment, and management of services;
  • coordinated and automated over-the-air software updates;
  • fleet management: operation of commercial fleet and streamlining effectiveness.


Bosch, Germany


Founded: 1886

Staff size: 10,000+

The Connected Vehicle Fleet Management system offered by Bosch relies on the freshest data and digital solutions that streamline security, safety, and energy capabilities of fleets. In 2018, developers from Bosch created the first universal vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication system.

Focus areas:

  • complex solutions for fleet management based on security and advanced analytics of car data;
  • development of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) software including smart vehicle tracking, smartphone apps, and digital logs;
  • communication systems based on real-time analysis of trips, tracking of fuel consumption, and geofencing.


CloudMade, (the UK)


Founded: 2008

Staff size: 50+

CloudMade works with leading global car manufacturers and suppliers of car solutions based on artificial intelligence. The project relies on OpenStreetMap data and constantly expands it providing additional services. The company unites thousands of global content providers and is one of the best developers of software for connected cars.

Focus areas:

  • expertise in UI/UX design;
  • full-stack connectivity architecture;
  • development of software for connected cars;
  • integration of data arrays to develop self-learning automobile solutions.


Intellias, Ukraine


Founded: 2002

Staff size: 1,000+

Intellias is one of the best software developers focusing on connected car solutions. The company uses big data technology, highly secure cloud infrastructure, and accurate navigation systems.

In the connected car industry, Intellias focuses on remote diagnostics, OTA updates, and personalized online solutions. In 2018, Intellias obtained investments from Horizon Capital private equity fund. Main clients of the company are Siemens, Roche, Alphary, Microsoft, Playbuzz, Nokia, RTL Group, EveryMatrix, Kia, etc.

Focus areas:

  • development of software that connects vehicles to all types of road and traffic objects;
  • development of apps for remote control using the CAN bus;
  • arranging for content broadcasting through radio channels;
  • development of cloud apps designed to share location data through V2X connectivity;
  • synchronization of personal data based on user profiles;
  • support of OTA software updates and maps.


Connexion, Australia


Founded: 2014

Staff size: 10+

Connexion is the Australian leader in smart car software development. The company is known for Flex, an integrated cloud car management system that provides control over fleets from a central control unit. The second flagship product of Connexion is miRoamer multi-platform app that provides enhanced internet radio services. Clients of Connexion are GM, Ford, Volkswagen, Skoda, Citroen, Peugeot, etc.

Focus areas:

  • complex products based on the CXZ Telematics vehicle management system for owners of small fleets;
  • development of apps based on IoT solutions that give a possibility to monitor car performance in real time;
  • engineering of modern information and entertainment systems.


GlobalLogic, the USA


Founded: 2000

Staff size: 10,000+

GlobalLogic is an international company that develops software, provides digital engineering services, is engaged in IT outsourcing and scientific research. Key clients are Oracle, Sprint, and Cisco. GlobalLogic is one of the best employers in the IT field according to Great Place to Work.

Focus areas:

  • virtualization and complex solutions for connected cars;
  • asset management, remote operations, and telematic data services;
  • development of in-vehicle information and entertainment systems (IVI);
  • development of complex automobile and driver assistance systems.


Harman, the USA


Founded: 1980

Staff size: 10,000+

Harman is a subsidiary of Samsung known for connected car services, audio and visual products, automation systems for enterprises, and HMI solutions. HARMAN Connected Services (HCS) enables transformation of connectivity for industries and enterprises of any size. Key clients are Toyota, BMW, JBL, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz.

Focus areas:

  • development, management, and operating of car apps and connected services through the HARMAN Ignite platform;
  • providing secure updates for the vehicle’s software using OTA services;
  • delivering automotive engineering services.


Kaa, the USA


Founded: 2013

Staff size: 300+

Kaa is an IoT platform with open source code intended to develop, manage, and integrate connected devices. Kaa comprises flexible micro services and thus can adapt to the requirements of both major companies and small startups engaged in the car industry.

Focus areas:

  • monitoring of connected car systems;
  • smart assistance while driving;
  • cloud information and entertainment solutions;
  • automated emergency management;
  • fleet management in real time;
  • development of safety systems for drivers.


Ignite, Israel

Founded: 2006

Staff size: 300+

Ignite is an Israeli-Ukrainian software developer that provides specialized services for automobile, fintech, entertainment, and media industries. The company developed a wide portfolio of complex solutions based on big data, IoT, and cloud platforms.

In the connected car industry, the company specializes in software for autonomous cars and automotive solutions.

Focus areas:

  • development of embedded software solutions for smartphones and cloud computing;
  • establishment of virtual divisions based on the ready-made infrastructure in Ukraine and Eastern Europe to provide control over research and development teams;
  • free technical support.


Nordsys, Germany

Founded: 2006

Staff size: 10+

Nordsys is a leading European partner in the development of software and hardware for Car2X systems. The company specializes in the development of automobile information and entertainment and communication systems (V2X). Apart from planning and design of subsystems for vehicles, the company also implements a variety of hardware and software solutions for infrastructure including ITS stations for Car2Infrastructure.

Focus areas:

  • design of system architecture;
  • development of software in UML;
  • development of telematic apps;
  • development of complex Car2X communication solutions;
  • portal solutions for web services;
  • visualization of software simulations.
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