Electric cars: already 2 million! Global fleet of electric cars has grown twofold
Electric cars: already 2 million! Global fleet of electric cars has grown twofold

In six months, the number of electric cars has increased twofold and comprised over 2 million. China turned out to be the leading country in terms of electric cars usage: it accounts for 32% of the general amount.

According to the data of EV volumes, the first million was attained in the middle of 2016. At that time, China was also leading the way.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has recently announced the results as for the end of the last year – already 2 million cars! Meaning that their quantity has increased twofold just in half a year.

Both fully-fledged electric cars and connected hybrid form factors were included in the list. However, two million is still a small quantity when compared to classic gasoline and diesel cars.

To build a complete picture: that is just 0.2% of the global car fleet. However, taking into consideration the growth rates, it can safely be said that the popularity of electric cars is growing faster than expected.

Thus, it was thought that by the end of 2020, there would be 20 million electric cars, but in case the current growth rate remains stable, electric cars will reach that mark in 2019, or even by the end of 2018.

According to the reports of the IEA, last year the sales of electric cars increased by 60% when compared to 2015 (exactly during that period, China was outperforming the US in terms of electric transport, and currently it is becoming a leader in this niche).

Following the strong markets of China and the USA, goes Europe.

Governments and citizens of “electrically active” countries are shifting to such kind of vehicles aiming to protect the ecology.

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