Hyperloop in Russia: is it true?
Hyperloop in Russia: is it true?

A passenger transportation system Hyperloop negotiates with Russian investors and government about launching high-speed trains between Moscow and St. Petersburg. It was Bibop Gresta, deputy chairman, that told about Russian interest to the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies company. In addition, he stressed that the train line can be established very soon. Gresta said that he considered various construction options along with investors. Partnership details will be known after signing documents.

Besides the investor, whose name is not disclosed, Russian government is also interested in this project.

“It is a common practice, because such business is very profitable. Private investors are attracted first. Then government structures are offered to take part in the project”, told Gresta.

The head of the company mentioned that the project implementation is profitable for Russia with its high population density.

The Hyperloop core idea is to launch supersonic capsules. They move along special tubes with pumped air, which provide the absence of reluctance. One capsule contains 28 people.

Low pressure increases the speed and almost fully excludes turbulence. As a result, the capsule reaches 758 miles per hour. Testing will be started in California in 2018.

Supersonic transport is supposed to be spread across all states.


Based on materials of: hi-news.ru

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