The way technologies change urban infrastructure
The way technologies change urban infrastructure

Car sharing is gradually entering everyday life. According to Global Market Insights forecasts, the global car sharing market will reach six and a half billion dollars in 2024. But how will new technologies change the city concept?

The automatic pilot technology will play a significant role in city image changes. According to IBM, 74% of cars will be equipped with AI. It will help to use parking space more efficiently, because artificial intelligence will definitely know where an empty place is. IBM predicts that this technology will allow to unload roads by approximately 30%.

The amount of cars on streets will be reduced due to the development of car sharing. Even now, many owners are thinking of leasing their cars, as they are off road 90% of time. And that’s not to mention car sharing companies. The development of this technology will lead to decreasing road traffic due to more efficient car usage.

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