Car Sharing in Figures: Statistics by McKinsey and Deloitte

Car Sharing in Figures: Statistics by McKinsey and Deloitte

Car sharing is steadily driving out the long-term car rental. One of the reasons is the fact that this type of car leasing allows exchange system participants to save up to 70% of the aggregate transport cost: they pay only for the actual time of vehicle usage, while insurance and gasoline are included in the lease price.

Such a promising niche has sparked the interest of consulting and analytical companies: given below are the most intriguing facts of the per-minute car rental studies by McKinsey and Deloitte conducted in 2018–2019.

Car Sharing Worldwide: Statistics


About the company: McKinsey & Company is an international consulting company specializing in strategic management task solutions. As a consultant, McKinsey cooperates with the world’s largest companies, government institutions, and non-commercial organizations. McKinsey & Co. has approximately 9000 advisors in 60 countries. Its customers are two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies, government and other non-commercial agencies.

In 2018, McKinsey carried out the major research of transport systems in 24 largest megalopolises. It is aimed at the comprehensive assessment of transport systems in terms of both objective indices and citizens’ opinions. According to the investigation, Moscow has entered the top 10 list of megalopolises due to convenience and efficiency of the transport system.

Global Data

  • 88% of the surveyed users are aware of car sharing services, but only 2.5% of them actually use this option.
  • Car sharing mainly replaces trips by personal cars and almost does not affect public transport.
  • 75% of the car sharing industry users have their own vehicles (based on polls in the USA). They treat Lyft and Uber services as an additional car that can be used as a temporary substitute of their own vehicle.
  • Car sharing projects have raised about $9.6 billion of investments since 2014. Besides, experts believe that this transport market segment will grow by 2027 because of the development of self-driving vehicle and robotic taxi technologies.

Russian Data

  • The popularity of taxi services in Moscow is inversely proportional to the popularity of car sharing. 81% of the population uses taxi online services, and only 15% of the respondents prefer car sharing.


About the company: Deloitte is an international network of companies that provides such services as audit, tax liabilities, law, consulting, financial advice, and risk management of public and private firms engaged in various economic branches. It belongs to the Big Four. In 2017, Fortune put Deloitte in the world’s top 100 prominent companies. Deloitte operates in 150 countries.

In 2019, the company surveyed more than 25 thousand consumers in 20 countries in order to find out factors significantly affecting the automotive sector.

Global Data

  • In 2006, the development of the European car sharing market was only 0.2%. The car sharing popularity increased up to 2.2% in 2014. By 2020, the car sharing growth can reach 15.6%, uniting 15 million users.
  • In 2016, Germany had around 1.2 million active users of this car industry. Moreover, the industry consisted of 150 providers and 16,000 vehicles, making Germany the largest market in Europe.
  • In 2012, consumers showed the pretty high interest in hybrid cars, but they focused on car sharing services in 2014.

Russian Data

  • 12% of the Russian drivers utilize car sharing.
  • 22% of the Russians answered ‘yes’ or ‘perhaps’ to the question: ‘Are you ready to provide your vehicle to the other driver when not using it?’ and 31% of the respondents gave the same answers in Japan and Germany, almost or over 50% of the drivers in the majority of other countries, 73% of the pollees in China.

A representative of Deloitte will speak at Connected Car Conference to be held on May 23 in Moscow.

Kofanova, Automotive Group Leader in Russia and CIS, will introduce the results of Deloitte’s global studies on changing delivery scenarios in the car industry with the development of connectivity / mobility solutions and connected car market.

To listen to Tatiana Kofanova from Deloitte, register to the event.

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