Elon Musk’s company presents a new model of underground bus
Elon Musk’s company presents a new model of underground bus

Boring Company is going to reduce traffic jams, partially transferring means of transport under the ground, and has shown a concept of the underground electric bus. It looks like a vehicle for transporting machines under the ground but with a passenger section.

the company has released video, representing the land-based traffic avoiding system. It shows that a car hitting traffic can move to the fast lane and enter a special vehicle, the so-called sleds, which will bring it under the ground, avoiding an overwhelmed highway.

time, The Boring Company has focused on people and demonstrated images of passenger vehicle. According to them, the device is similar to a bus. Wheels suggest that the mean of transport will be able to move not only underground but along land-based roads as well.

Elon Musk, the owner of The Boring Company, keep cherishing the idea of “sleds”. Narrow tunnels will be enough for cars and minibuses, so one does not drill a lot. It will allow to reduce the cost of boring tunnels by 3-4 times. It is this very concept that engineers rely upon, offering car and passenger “sleds”.

At the TED conference, the inventor has explained the functionality of his underground traffic intersection. Besides, Musk mentioned that his devices would move with the speed of 125 mph.

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