Smile-Expo Company in Cooperation with Skolkovo Innovation Center Will Open a New Automotive Era in Russia
Smile-Expo Company in Cooperation with Skolkovo Innovation Center Will Open a New Automotive Era in Russia

The technological revolution is happening right now before our eyes. Digital devices have penetrated into all aspects of our lives and found a common language with each other via the Internet. Automobiles are no exception. In addition to the auxiliary electronic devices, they have acquired the ability to connect and exchange data with external services. All this allows us to call such transport "connected", or simply "connected car".

Car industry is forging ahead, but it is sometimes extremely difficult to keep up with the global trends. Every year we can see carmakers showing us a new package of technological solutions along with the next model range. The concept of "connected car" symbolizes the new era of automobile industry, where a car will be able to collect, analyze and process vast amounts of data, as well as to synchronize with specialized services.

"The task of a modern car has gone beyond the movement along road from point A to point B. Yesterday, the sharks of automotive industry fought for the title of the fastest, but today the trend lies in the complex systems integrated in cars.

The figures are the best indicator. As the curator of Connected Car Summit Mares Shamzhy said, "The world market of connected cars will cost 40 billion EUR by 2018, according to forecasts".

Taking into account the dynamic pace of the industry development, Smile-Expo has been preparing for the second year in a row a unique exhibition-conference Connected Car for all comers, which will take place on April 28, 2016 in Courtyard Marriott Moscow City Center. This event is exceptionally dedicated to the achievements of the connected car industry.

Connected Car organizers have started to cooperate with the scientific and technological complex "Skolkovo". As the result, the conference will involve a round table.

The connected car has been a subject of developments by the Skolkovo Innovation Center for a long time. One of the areas of the Nuclear Cluster is the study and development of engineering and microelectronics technology, which is closely intertwined with the concept of "connected cars". By joint actions, it is planned to bring together all relevant information about the market of connected cars and talk about the priority directions of this technology development.

The event organizers are confident in the potential development of the automotive industry and strive to support new technologies in Russia.

The unique exhibition and conference offers:

- Special software for connected cars.
- Results of market research.
- Legal aspects of the connected car use.
- Innovation solutions in the field of this technology.

Special attention should be paid to the format of a round table, during which the best industry experts together with researchers and representatives of relevant companies will discuss the further development of the technology both in Russia and around the world.

This conference is the only one in the CIS, which will discuss all aspects of the connected car operation and bring together not only representatives of interested business forms, but also employees of state structures.

Very soon, the organizers will submit the names of the first speakers of the roundtable and relevant topics, which will be discussed during the conference. In addition, the exhibition will involve a special demo area, which will allow visitors to get acquainted with the industry trends.

Connected Car is preparing its guests a lot of surprises, which they will see at the event.

Connected Car Exhibition and Conference will take place on April 28 at the Courtyard Marriott Moscow City Centre. Please follow the link to view the details of the event.

Connected car – always stay on the main road! 


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