Lightyear develops solar electric car
Lightyear develops solar electric car

Lightyear startup is going to produce a special electric car. Its body will be covered by solar batteries able to generate as much energy as a car requires (and even more).

Lightyear team includes students and graduates from Holland-based Eindhoven University of Technology. Previously, they have developed the car powered by solar batteries (Stella Vie) able to achieve the range of 621 miles per day. However, the project was non-commercial. And now, its authors are developing a vehicle that could win the global car fleet.

The issue is that Stella Vie is maximally lightweight: the construction involves the lightest materials; besides, it is not equipped with the key security and convenience systems. It is a significant component of common use cars, but if they are activated, the car weight will increase and the vehicle won’t be energy-efficient any longer. Thus, solar cars still cannot enter the market.

Lightyear situation should be different. The developers assure that they have managed to strike a compromise between power limitations, providing safety standards, and energy efficiency maintenance. They say that such a vehicle will be able to operate without line supply in sunny weather within months. It will move using solar batteries in the day time, while the rest of energy should be diverted to batteries that account for operation at night.

The solar car can reach approximately 6-12 thousand miles per year.

Although the car has not yet been presented, the company is already accepting preorders with returned deposits of €19 thousand. The full estimated price is €119 000.

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