M2B Group at Connected Car Summit
M2B Group at Connected Car Summit

Connected car is a technology of the not so distant future that will be integrated into every car in just a year or two, so for entrepreneurs and car dealers it’s important to know today what to get ready for tomorrow. That’s why on 12-14 of March, Connected Car gathers companies directly related to the connected car market.

And now we’re happy to announce the participation of M2B Group team, small and therefore flexible in software solutions, where each employee has been chosen carefully with company success in mind.

M2B Group provides a full scale of works related to installation of telemetric systems for monitoring of cottages, commercial property, car washers and motor vehicles. Lately, the company has been developing a solution allowing to connect maintenance with the car, passing the car services job to professionals.

Apart from the installation of technical components on vehicles, M2B Group team has created a unique software shell allowing to:

Make a remote car diagnostics.
Find an appropriate service center.
Follow the technical works progress and keep up with maintenance schedule.
Monitor current car location in real-time. Data deference is usually not more than 5 seconds.
Look through the history of car location including information about stops, speed, crossing the set limits and driving in the improper time.
Organize geofences. There’s a set of basic geofences that can be adapted to the company schedule without manual adjustments.
Create a list of car drivers with names, phone numbers, driver’s license categories.

At Connected Car summit, company representatives will tell visitors about the additional technology possibilities and its integration options.

Register now! Looking forward to seeing you on 12-14 of March, at Connected Car summit.

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