Mercedes-Benz operated by autopilot
Mercedes-Benz operated by autopilot

Mercedes-Benz tries to keep up with the times and that’s why the German concern presented the concept of futuristic car Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury at CES, the largest electronics exhibition. This car will be operated by computer and doesn’t need a driver.  

As it can be seen from its name, the designers were inspired by the examples of supersonic aircrafts while developing F 015 and       to be more exact they copied American supersonic fighter. And indeed, the exterior of Mercedes is characterized by very streamlined and futuristic forms and looks like a monolithic capsule with a spacious cabin inside.

The doors of the car open in opposite directions, like palace gates they invite everyone to take a seat on bar stools (with 360 degrees rotation). Due to the autopilot fixed front seats are not needed any more and passengers can seat facing each other like in a restaurant.

The car’s interior is remarkable for touch screens serving as the lining of doors and back side of seats. The cameras detecting gestures and eyes movements of the passengers are installed for car operation.  

One more interesting know-how in car’s design is LED backlighting installed on the radiator and on the trunk. LED backlighting changes its color and due to this shows other drivers who is operating the car: blue means autopilot and white means human.

A little bit of technical details

The body of  F 015 including  gasoline tank is made of carbon (90%) to reduce the weight and increase the efficiency of hydrogen engine. The manufacture insures that this lowers the risk of car ignition, because carbon strength is higher than that of traditional materials.

In contrast to other concerns Mercedes-Benz stakes on hydrogen fuel that is considered by experts to replace petrol. It should be noted that it’s not the first hydrogen engine experiment of the company. Earlier the concern created the bus Mercedes-Benz Citaro for carriage of passengers.

However, F 015 is just a futuristic concept and the date of its appearance on the market is unknown.

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