Mikhail Sedikh: Remote vehicle health check
Mikhail Sedikh: Remote vehicle health check

One of the main advantages of connected cars is the possibility of remote control. To date, it becomes possible to implement this technology using telemetry systems.

Therefore, within Connected Car Summit, "Teletracker.RF" will present working model of remote vehicle diagnostics and will speak about capabilities of this system.

In addition, Mikhail Sedikh, co-founder of the company will speak at the summit on: "The car as a means of professional cloud diagnostic".

In his report, speaker will in detail tell about telemetry technology and methods of its implementation in the Russian market today.

During his speech Mikhail will pay attention to the following topics:

• Cloud service for automobile telemetrics.

• Hardware for technology implementation.

• Logical completeness of remote diagnostics as a process.

• Import substitution.

Since 2003, Mikhail heads IT-departments in large companies. In particular, in 2006, speaker held leading position in Elcoteq (manufacturer of BlackBerry), where he gained valuable experience in telecommunication systems construction. Three years ago, expert has begun to develop telemetry system in his own company "Teletracker.RF".

At Connected Car Summit Mikhail will share his knowledge in the field of telemetry - from technology process of technology development to opportunities for the national market.

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