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Gigafactory building and Tesla battery (video)

Gigafactory building and Tesla battery (video)

Shots of Gigafactory building have appeared on the Net. This factory is focused on Tesla lithium-ion batteries manufacturing. Watch a popular YouTube channel What's Inside? to see how they are constructed.

A video over Gigafactory was shot with the help of a drone by a video blogger Duncan Sinfield. On his channel, you can find Apple Park building reviews from a bird’s eye view.

Currently, works are mainly conducted to expand levels inside of the factory. Those who follow the building process can notice the finished section on the north side.

The building is 30% completed. According to the Head of Tesla Elon Musk, by 2020, Gigafactory will be the largest building on earth by footprint. Currently, the plant takes the third place approaching Dubai Airport (1.7 m m2).

Today, in cooperation with Panasonic, 10 and 100 kW/h batteries as well as Tesla 3 drive gear are manufactured. With an area extension, Musk talks about the possibility of Model S and Model X drive developing relocation to Fremont, California.

During his speech in front of the National Governors Association, Elon Musk told about his intentions of several similar fabrics establishing in the future. First of all, in order to start building he should earn support of state executives.

Also, recently, there appeared a video on the Net where you can see the construction of batteries used in Tesla cars. These are elements that look like mignon batteries assembled in interconnected blocks. On a video, there is a demounted $5 000 battery. Watch it here:

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