Image of future city car
Image of future city car

Constant motion is the main thing for a man of the future. And no matter how they reach it. A car of tomorrow should stop conducting a great amount of features and provide only comfortable and fast movement. And no matter whether it is off-road conditions or mountain spiral road.  

An absolutely innovative format of transport means is a car accommodating only one passenger. According to statistics, in 80% of cases, there is only one driver in the car. Thus, there is no doubt that such autos are the future because it is the best possible way to move across busy city roads. Surely, there should be a lot more of these cars than others but taking into account how much space they require, it won’t be a big issue.          



As a matter of fact, the future car should not be wider than five feet. And it is only when a seat is accounted for even two passengers. If sitting one by one, the width can be three feet. Of course, there are constructive character questions and technical characteristics impact.            

For instance, in-line and side-by-side configuration of car basic weight has its disadvantages and advantages. Nevertheless, a wider option is more preferable. It will be more manoeuvring and steady.        

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Talking about such dimensions, aerodynamics is a secondary concern. Taking into account a small wind drag area, efficiency losses won’t be noticed whatever form a body might have. Certainly, if it is not a high-speed two-seat version with one by one seats. In such a case, the car will look like an aerodynamic motorcycle. It is a perfect model for country roads.           

Developers claim that in such cars a passenger should sit backwards. It is a bit odd but safer position.   

Electric traction only

It is an obvious fact. And it’s not just about environmental protection. There is probably an advantage of electric engine over gasoline one: more energy efficiency, reliable, dynamics and comfortable driving. Currently, the single issue is charging time but we are talking about the future so scientists will find out how to solve it. Perhaps, batteries will be replaced and the car will be charged on the way.          

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Everything is easier

As mentioned above, electric engine construction is more reliable. It is associated with the fact that it has less movable parts. The whole body will be made of easy to replace plastic. Besides, any detail can be easily 3D-printed in a matter of hours.      

Everything inside will be designed for maximum simplicity and comfort. Minimum sender units, actuating levers and design elements. The vehicle has to get passengers from A to B fast and comfortable.       

Undoubtedly, such a car will be significantly cheaper. It means that affordability of similar vehicles will be much higher than cars of our time. Such future is definitely good news.           

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