One more failure of Tesla autopilot mode leads to road accident
One more failure of Tesla autopilot mode leads to road accident

Failure of Tesla Model S autopilot mode led to the road accident in the USA. Five people got hurt.   

This incident took place in Minnesota when the driver called David Clark along with four passengers was driving along the road on his Tesla Model S in the autopilot mode. According to the driver, the car sped up in a moment and pulled off the road. As the result, the vehicle turned over and got into the nearby slough. All people inside the car were injured.

State policy focused on the accident. The electric car owner said that he was planning to go into litigation with Tesla, but the company threw discredit on driver’s statements. Tesla reported that there was no reason to suggest that the accident was caused by electronics failure.

Tesla’sautopilot option has already become prone to criticism. The greatest blow to its reputation was caused by the accident, resulting in death. It happened in May 2016 when the driver bumped into the trailer, standing on the road. In that situation, the car autopilot failed to recognize the sun-bright vehicle.

Despite everything happened, the demand on Tesla cars keeps growing. The company is going to build some more factories producing Gigafactory lithium-ion batteries. Exact date and location are still unknown.

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