First wireless car charger from BMW will be available in 2018
First wireless car charger from BMW will be available in 2018

BMW was the first company in the world to announce wireless car chargers, which will be available next year.

This engineering marvel is called BMW Wireless Charging and is in fact a kind of high-tech plate that is placed on the floor and connected to a standard 220V power outlet. The charger connects to the car software and gives the driver coordinates of where and how to stop the car for the energy recovery process to start.

The BMW Wireless Charging capacity is 3.2kW and it will take about 3.5 hours to charge a 9.4kW battery. It’s worth noting that ordinary charging directly from the outlet takes almost the same time.

At the moment, this technology is available only for one model, the BMW 530e iPerformance, but the Germans’ plans are wide and far-sighted: BMW wants to create wireless charging for all its electric and hybrid cars, as well as i3 and i8 models and, of course, future projects.

The system will be available to the European user in early 2018, while the Americans will have to wait a little: United States will conduct additional tests.


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