Connected trucks from Scania
Connected trucks from Scania

The concept of Big Data quickly extended to commercial vehicles. After all, this is where you can achieve the maximum benefit from a unified information system. Connected machines provide companies with opportunity to keep a record of its fleet in real time mode and thus more accurately build the logistics of goods delivery.

The first to feel the benefits of the connected car were managers of Scania. To date, around 100 000 connected trucks chase the roads of Europe. Scania invests a lot of money in this direction and seeks to fully equip its fleet with on-board computers that will transmit all the information about the state of vehicles in a single center.

Matthias Lundholm, vice president of Scania believes that the system of connected cars will help increase the profitability of cargo transportation by optimizing fuel consumption and reducing the time to diagnosis and service of truck fleet.

Scania service workshops are already using the system of connected machines to prepare necessary repair parts in advance and thus reduce vehicles downtime.

However, Lundholm notes that implementation of the project requires not only a constant flow of information, but also the ability to handle it properly. Martin Garner, analyst at UK-based mobile company CCS Insight agrees with this opinion. According to him, Big Data is one of the most important areas in the technology sector.

In addition, in his interview for Ericsson, he noted that the maximum benefit from the information can only be obtained in the case of unification of all projects in a single network that will enable interaction of various sectors of the economy.

And here this is Scania that is ahead of everybody and is developing a project to monitor the traffic of mining company. Keeping a record of all flow of cargo on the mine, company's engineers expect to get the most accurate performance indicators, which means - to optimize the movement of trucks in accordance with the rate of mining. Thus, Scania takes the first step to measure the performance of movements in the logistics flow, not just the charge recording of investments.

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