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Moscow Government to support carsharing

Moscow Government to support carsharing

In the capital, short-term car rental is becoming highly popular. In 2017, 2.5 m rides have been taken via carsharing operators. That’s why the Moscow Government plans to provide such companies with financial backing. Minute-by-minute rental services will become more comfortable. Besides, a cheaper carsharing operator will appear.

According to the Department of Transportation and Road Infrastructure Development, in Moscow, about 350 thousand drivers experience carsharing. Only as of the beginning of 2017, this service has been used 2.5 m times, which means 7-8 people for one car per day.

Due to such a hype, the Moscow Government will grant benefits for carcashing companies. Compensation will be given to cars with run data of up to three years, an ecological class no lower than Euro-4 and those assembled in Russia.

Operators ensure that collected funds will partly cover a lease payment and a credit interest needed to buy a car. Thus, small companies will stand on their feet more quickly while big ones will improve their service.

Currently, there exist five carsharing operators in the capital - Car5, AnyTime, Delimobil, YouDrive and BelkaCar. The sixth company Carend with a cheaper tariff will be launched in September. The price decreased due to budget car models - Kia Rio and Ravon R2. One rental minute will cost at least 5 RUB.

The Moscow Mayor Deputy Maksim Liksutov noticed that in the capital, the project had been launched in the beginning of the fall 2015. By the way, the market isn’t glutted. Today, operators’ fleets in the capital have about 3.5 thousand cars; in the future, their number may reach 10-15 thousand.

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