Cisco presentation about the car cyber security
Cisco presentation about the car cyber security

Connected Car summit is finally over and we’ve already drawn some results of this eagerly awaited event.

This year, such specialized summit has been organized in Russia for the first time, gathering a lot of interest from automobile experts, business representatives and IT developers.

This confirms that event topic has really been essential and exciting. And Connected Car technologies are still in the prototype phase, so experts think of these innovations as signs of serious changes in the global car industry.

Guests and participants found Alexey Lukatskiy’spresentation among the most interesting at Connected Car summit. Specialist from Cisco told about cyber security of modern connected cars.

Topic chosen by Alexey was really important because up until recently, the main factor of car security for owners has been an auto theft protection and technical functionality.

But modern cars look more like computers on the wheels. So cyber hacking protection is nowadays as important as a good alarm and airbag system.

After the summit, Alexey has posted in his blog, that most of car owners “are concentrated on safety, but not security. This could lead to sad consequences.”

This is hard to argue with, and we’d like to thank Alexey once more for his marvelous presentation and offer everyone who couldn’t manage to witness this interesting speech, to look through the presentation “Informational security in a modern car.”



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