Application for recording of parking violation
Application for recording of parking violation

This spring may bring Moscow citizens the launch of an app enabling to file a complaint for parking or traffic violation. In order to use it, one has to register in Public services center and install app, receiving the title of “Moscow helper”.

Using the app, locals would be able to take a picture of a car parked in the wrong space or driving violation and then transfer these data to enforcement authorities. App functions as follows: first you need to take a picture of car plate, it will be identified and shown in the database with time and place. Next, you should take a couple of photos from different angles and may optionally add video and comment in the database. All gathered information is sent to municipal authorities and the violator will soon face a fine for illegal parking.

Every registered user will receive a personal access code to the app and his account, where he would be able to look at his application status: “processing”, “fine denied”, “fine confirmed based on photo and video materials” or “no grounds for confirming a fine”.

In order to prevent frauds, app has an integrated protection, making it impossible to use Photoshop or other editing of date or situation. Besides, sent data will be verified by the serial number, IP address of the last connection and other phone parameters.

Developers promise to launch the app in the end of March. Whereas verification and timely reaction to complaints will be the responsibility of the transportation department, Moscow administrative road police and Traffic management center.

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