LaneCruise system makes any car self-driving
 LaneCruise system makes any car self-driving

LaneCruise system will allow to turn conventional cars into unmanned vehicles. Such a solution was developed by the Canada-based startup called X-Matik. Testing was conducted on Honda and Subaru cars.

The LaneCruise kit consists of a camera, screen, computing block as well as actuators for the steering wheel, brake pedal and gas pedal. It is designed for automatic gearshift cars. Installing the system, drivers can temporarily shift control to the vehicle on the straight road.

LaneCruise allows a car to stay within a certain traffic lane, slow down, speed up or stop depending on the stream of cars as well as to keep moving according to circumstances. The system is able to recognize road markings, traffic lights and pedestrians.

Developers are going to test LaneCruise actively on roads in 2018 and to bring it on the market in 2019. The system will be leased out for $150 per month. X-Matik has been already accepting pre-orders.


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