Skoda has decided to expand the assortment of electric cars
Skoda has decided to expand the assortment of electric cars

By 2025, Skoda plans to release four electric cars, which will differ in terms of price, power, and sizes.

Skoda will start the electric cars line with the release of two similar connected hybrids – Superb and Kodiaq. The vehicles will be equipped with 1.4L TSI, a turbocharger, and 114 horsepower electric engine. They will go for sale in 2019.

Further, a crossover will be added to the series, with Vision E taken as a prototype. The model name is not disclosed yet. However, there is information that the car will be 4.6m in length with two electric engines and 300 horsepower. It will drive up to 500 km on a single charge. In 2020, the price will comprise $52,000. The peculiarity of the model is that it will be among the first to be based on the MEB from Volkswagen AG parent company.

The Czech company also offers a budget version of the electric car – hatchback Felicia E. Developers saved costs on the electric engine and installed just one engine with 168 horsepower above the back axle. With the increase of battery capacity, the price will be growing, starting from $31,100. In terms of sizes, the model will be a little smaller than Skoda Octavia.

Reinterpretation of the classical model 110 R – sports coupé with 300 horsepower – will close the series. To set a high price, Skoda decided to start the sales in China in 2025.


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