Sony is going to design self-driving cars
Sony is going to design self-driving cars

Recently, we see how the major manufacturers rush to occupy new markets and niches where they claim to hold leading positions. Lately the rumor that Apple is working on creation of electric vehicle got leaked to press, and now it was reported that it is Sony who also considers the issue of developing its own smart car.

Reliable sources report that Japanese company became the owner of 2% shares of startup ZMP actively developing robotic machines. Future plans of the companies are to make maximum joint efforts to develop the technology of self-driving cars. This technology exchange will not occur unilaterally. Analysts believe that Sony will be able to use developments in the field of image sensors and will be capable of applying CCD cameras.

In addition to Sony and Apple, Google also joins the race of smart cars as today this company is most active in this field. However, this competition will only bring benefits, because it can become major impetus for progress in this rather promising area.

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