Bootstrapping. How can a driver avoid traffic jams by means of ConnectedCar technologies?
Bootstrapping. How can a driver avoid traffic jams by means of ConnectedCar technologies?

“Smart navigation is no longer a new technology. Nevertheless, a lot of drives are still not aware of this simple solution that is available to almost everyone”.

Mobile applications that help avoid problem areas on the roads have existed for a long time, and grateful drivers and forward-thinking investors have repeatedly confirmed their value. For example, Google has recently bought the Israeli crowdsourcing service Waze for USD 1.3 billion (!!!)

In case you don't know, this popular program is a kind of a hybrid navigator and a social network for drivers, where drivers warn each other of danger on the roads (traffic jams, accidents, police traps). 

Is it a good thing? Sure! Imagine that a driver could see what is happening on the road even 5-10 km before reaching the problem areas, or even, just leaving the house and sitting behind the wheel.

Imagine that your on-board computer connected to the Internet shows you not only the traditional fuel consumption and inside and outside temperature, but also advises where it is better to bypass traffic jams.

An example of such a service is not a matter of the distant future. An American company Lochbridzhe has already agreed with major service TraffichLand about integration of their online database of traffic cameras into its already very functional infotainment system for drivers. Above all, customers of this service will not only be able to get an automatic warning of a traffic jam ahead, but also to assess the size of the disaster personally, by watching on-board computer video from any of the 18 thousand surveillance cameras in more than 200 cities (unfortunately, only American).

By the way, if the jams could not be avoided, Connected Car technology allows, at least, to spend time with benefits. Here is a good example: one of the finalists of the competition among mobile developers conducted by Ford in 2014 was a small Slovenian company, which developed an application MapRadio. 

The program identifies the driver and offers him or her online-personalized content. In particular, you can select a music playlist (separate playlists for different drivers). The program automatically selects an overview of news based on your interests (you can read the feed and listen to reports while travelling to work). There is a function of several screens (you can listen to the news, and the kids in the back seat can watch cartoons). When passing near the cinema, shop or restaurant, your car will tell you about promotions in these institutions and will allow without leaving your car to buy a ticket, book a table or just get a discount. You can also quickly find the nearest petrol station, weather forecast and much more useful and interesting things. 

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