Connected Car Technologies Are On Guard Of Road Safety
Connected Car Technologies Are On Guard Of Road Safety

According to one survey, 6% of all road accidents in the US occur because drivers are distracted by cell phones. This is approximately 12,000 serious injuries and 2,600 deaths every year. Another figure: 45% of accidents involving the use of the phone occur due to an incoming call. In many countries, there is a ban on use of gadgets while driving. But, does it help? However  there is a wide range of technologies that make it possible to use all the benefits of smart phones and do not distract drivers from driving.

A huge step forward, including the road safety issue, is the emergence of such platforms as CarPlay and AndroidAuto. It is assumed that the expansion of opportunities as regard the use of basic functions of smartphones via an interface of the board computer on the car dashboard will significantly reduce the driver's distraction from the direct control of the vehicle.

Voice control of smartphone applications is another technology aimed at improving the safety of driving. Moreover, it is available not only to owners of new and expensive cars! For example, an interesting gadget Navdy allows you to make many operations without taking your eyes off the road. Most importantly, you can install it even in your grandfather's Lada. 

JaguarLandRover thinks a few steps ahead. In 2014, it introduced a concept of the future, which will prevent possible dangerous situations on the road. 



It is worth remembering that the road safety depends on all road users. They are not only car drivers, but also motorcyclists, cyclists and, of course, pedestrians.

Do not forget that sometimes accidents happen through no fault of the driver, but because of a problem that can be easily diagnosed and prevented having full control over the car performance information. These factors are important for both auto manufacturers and developers of applications for drivers. They offer comfortable and functional systems to control the state of the car and diagnose the problems.

It may be built-in auto services (these features are available only for new cars) or systems receiving data on your car with a help of special devices connected via OBD II port and transmitting systematic information on your smartphone (a great option for owners of not expensive and not new cars).

These services have a lot of useful features. In addition to diagnostics and provision drivers with the information on the current state of their car, they can help improve the driving skills analyzing the way he or she drives. They can help by choosing the most cost-effective way from point "A" to point "B", and even help parents monitor remotely the behaviour of their children who have become drivers recently.



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