Dark horse on the electric cars market
Dark horse on the electric cars market

Apart from the giant brands like BMW, Smart, Nissan, and Toyota, there are also dark horses on the electric car market.  And taking into account starting points of each company and that the industry is still nascent, newcomers have chances to become leaders. Hong Kong based ВIO Automotive Co is one of such savvy and young car manufacturers.

It’s already become a leader of Hong Kong electric car market. Thus, it’s quite logical to continue expanding in USA, Australia, Syria, France, and other countries of Europe and Central Asia, which they have being trying to do over the last couple of years.

Moreover, the company has nice things to offer, namely electric vehicle series with decent performance:

max speed: 70–80 km/h;
travel distance on one charge: 100–120 km;
full charging cycle from electric soket: 8 kWh;
full charging cycle time: 6–8 hours (charging is possible if battery is not fully discharged);
battery service life: 5 years (800 - 1000 cycles).

Plus, total absence of polluting emissions, possibility to charge battery from regular 110/220V socket, simplicity and low maintenance cost make this car not worse than leading car manufacturers, especially for the Chinese market. And if design still needs some improvement, efficiency of this vehicle is evident.

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