Tesla: Production Model 3
Tesla: Production Model 3

On July 9, Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk tweeted the picture of the first unmanned Tesla Production Model 3.

The electrocar is a low-cost five-sitter sedan. It can go 346 km without charge and reach the speed of 100 km per hour in 6 seconds.

The vehicle is being developed on a new platform similar to the one installed in Tesla Model S/X.

A standard panel was replaced by a wide screen and wood trims. You can control the car with the help of a display.

Musk claims that it’s the first ICE car of such a size to have so much interior space. Indeed, Tesla Model 3 is equipped with two trunks.

The car can boast of panoramic windows and autopilot. It means that it can track or change the lane and park by itself.

Connectedcars. Tesla: Production Model 3

The car was first presented last April and 130 000 vehicles were preordered immediately.

It was planned initially that the car would be released at the end of 2017 but the date was move up to the end of June. As a result, the first production model appeared at the beginning of the month.

The basic car equipment costs $35 000. The shipment of new orders will start at the middle of next year. A new Model 3 can be booked for $1 000.

According to Tesla Motors report, up to 5 000 cars will be produced a week. Starting with 2018, the amount is to be increased up to 10 000.

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