Tesla Model S went over 600 km without a recharge
Tesla Model S went over 600 km without a recharge

The Belgians set a new Tesla Model S hypermiling record managing over 900 km without additional charging.

The Belgians Steven Peeters and Joeri Cools decided to check the durability of a single battery charge of Tesla Model S P100D.

They drove on closed roads with the distance of 26 km. The car was moving in a regime of a minimum charge use – at the speed of approximately 40 km per hour. Thanks to it drivers managed to cover 901.2 km in one charge. It took them 23 hours and 45 minutes.

At the end, they found out that around 100 Wh/km (and sometimes even 88 Wh/km) were used.

Elon Musk posted in his Twitter that it wasn’t a limit. He believes that Tesla Model S 100D is capable of driving over 1000 km without a recharge if it is equipped with right tires.

Up to this moment, the hypermiling record belonged to an American Casey Spencer who covered 885 km in Model S 85D without a recharge.

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