Connected Car will showcase Tesla, most technological car in the world
Connected Car will showcase Tesla, most technological car in the world

Dear car enthusiasts, innovators and high-tech fans! We have exciting news for you! Tesla Model S, most cutting edge electric car in the world, will be demonstrated at Connected Car summit. On March 12- 14 , 2015, everyone interested will have a chance to discover connected cars per se at ECC Sokolniki, Moscow.

Tesla Model S is a car that portrays the entire idea of Connected Car. For the first time, Tesla Model S prototype has been displayed in 2009 at Frankfurt Motor Show, becoming the highlight of the show.

Mass production began in 2012. Just a while ago, customized Tesla Model S Perfomance beat 500 hp Dodge Viper SRT10 on a drag racing track and set a dynamics record among mass produced cars.

This is truly an inspiring and innovative car having about 250 patents and being one of the most interesting vehicles from the engineering perspective, created over the last couple of years. And it’s considered to be one of the safest cars too. Crash tests show that it withstands deformation even from the serious front collision. Tesla Motors claim that their car exceeds all international safety standards.

Professionals and enthusiasts would be able to experience Tesla Model S really soon – on March 13. The car will be demonstrated as part of the Connected Car summit program, where visitors could see, touch, and test Tesla hands-on.

Don’t miss your chance to visit such an exciting event! Join us! Tickets are already available.



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