Top Five Cars For Megacity
Top Five Cars For Megacity

According to the calculations of experts, 70% of the world's population will have moved to megacities by 2050, and as a result huge congestions will simply paralyze traffic in cities. The Chinese already face this problem. Recently, there was a huge traffic jam at the entrance to Beijing that was removed only in 10 days. Therefore, the last international exhibition in Chengdu (China) was completely devoted to the problem of an intelligent urban development and automation of vehicles.

What features the cars of the near future will have? We have selected the 5 most promising proposals of the automotive industry.

Renault Twizy 

If the car market will maintain the current growth rates, 3 billion cars will travel across the globe in 30 years. Naturally, many residents of megacities will have to leave their private cars and use segway and public transport. But for those who want to maintain their independence Reno presented a miniature electric car resembling scooter by its shape but having the top.

In defense of the engineers we can say that it is quite spacious inside for such a tiny car and even broad-shouldered man will not feel awkward. A second seat is provided in the back of the car, but no one except for a doll with a dog will find room there, so it's best to order a complete set for luggage instead of a seat.

Internal design of the car is extremely simple. There is no air conditioner, no hydraulic amplifier,
no antilock brake system and you will have to pay extra for side doors and windows.

Everything is aimed at reducing the cost of the car. However, those who wish to ride the "roofed scooter" with a minimal set will have to pay 7,240 euros. It’s the cheapest way to get into the future.


From the point of view of power capacity electric car should be compared with motor scooters rather than with its older brothers that left it behind.

The time to acceleration to 50 km/h (yes, to 50) is 8.5 seconds. Maximum speed is not more than 81 km/h, provided that the most powerful 13-kw electric motor is installed. Mileage is not more than 120 km on a single battery charge. As you can see, taking this power into account there is no use talking about shock absorbers and brakes.

In general, the car is great as a concept, but practically it is easier to buy a motorcycle.

Ligier EZ10 

With the current level of development of navigation systems and tracking technologies it is possible to implement the idea of unmanned buses. One of them is ready to travel on the roads of the metropolis. You board a bus, take a seat, choose the destination on the touch screen and the journey begins.

The human factor is the only problem. No one will let an unmanned bus travel on busy streets of the city without a traffic path made for it. And taking into account the reckless drivers who are constantly in a hurry, cut other cars and strive to bump into neighbors – the robot will be broken.

That’s why such buses will be used on streets not earlier than in 5 years, and meanwhile manufactures will test them on less crowded territories: on university campuses and  factory areas for delivery of cargo.

Michelin Selfseal 

Don’t be surprised, there is almost no difference between the car Volkswagen Magotan and the previous Passat: the Germans don’t really chase the future. There is one remarkable thing - tires installed on this car. Volkswagen developers thoroughly patch holes and this time - in rubber. The company signed an exclusive contract for the supply of the Michelin Selfseal – «regenerating» tires, which can patch up the punctures. Volkswagen plans to replace so familiar spare tire and make room in the trunk and of course to save money. Starting next year, the Germans are planning to put Selfseal on their cars, and ultimately even get rid of the 5th wheel.

Let’s talk about tires now. There is a special rubber compound on the inner side of the tire that is capable of patching up punctures diameter of which is up to 6 mm. It doesn’t affect speed characteristics and the pressure in the wheel does not fall if there is "a hole". This compound can be applied absolutely on any tire, but it’s still unknown what to do with the side cuts and breaks caused by a stroke. Therefore, it is too early to give up tire assembling familiar to every motorist, especially taking into account that ordinary rubber is 40% cheaper than Selfseal.

BMW i3

It's a really successful electric car. In Germany it is being sold for 35,000 euros (the classic "five" costs 40,000). BMW i3 is extremely popular at home and not without reason.

There is an electric motor with power of 170  h.p. (250 n/m) under the hood, the car reaches one hundred within 7,2 seconds, what is not surprising: it’s weight is only 1,270 kg. There are no problems with braking, i3 is equipped with recuperative mechanism: when you release the pedal, the energy from the electric motor goes back to the battery, and the car immediately begins to slowdown. You are offered these brakes and complete silence in the cabin - what else do you need in Moscow traffic jams. There is a capacious battery underneath, which is enough for 160 km of running and if you buy a hybrid version - for 300 km. Due to this distribution of weight the response of vehicle is really sporting. BMW is one of the best as always.

The interior of i3 fascinates with its efficiency. 25 % of the car is made of recycled waste. The content of tin cans in aluminum inserts is 50%, and plastic items are made completely of recycled waste.  As a consequence - the body has become much easier, and the developers were able to remove the middle rack and make access to the rear seats free.


The Chinese decided to make their own Mercedes, and even an electric one. Anyway, it is called so by local advertisers. The car was indeed developed together with the German Daimler and new Denza got the base with electric stuffing from B-class of previous generations. The exterior of the car doesn’t resemble Mercedes, but the interior design is amazing. It is especially pleasant to get into the broad Denza’s cabin after tiny Renault Twizy.

The car engine is not so powerful in comparison with BMW (117 h.p.) But the car is fast. Denza picks up the speed to 100 km/h within 14 seconds and its maximum speed is 150 km/h. You can find familiar to everyone ABS and ADS, wide touchscreens and leather cases even in the cheapest set in the cabin.

However, «Mercedes» doesn’t leave China, the manufactures don’t hasten to launch the car on the world market as they have enough of their customers. The Chinese are eager to invest in the domestic automotive industry, especially if it is «Mercedes».                       

Follow the brand-new products of the automotive industry with us and come to as on 13 March. You can find more brand-new products of the automotive industry at the summit Connected Car.                                                   

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