Smart devices and autopilot – a game changer in the world of automobile industry
Smart devices and autopilot – a game changer in the world of automobile industry

Although representatives of automobile industry annually upgrade their model range, improving design, and making vehicles more environmentally friendly, economical and safer, the set of main automobile functions remains the same. But everything can change with the development of innovation technologies. And major companies encourage the grand revolution in the field of car industry.

Smart devices as a way of remote control

Already today one can find special applications for iOS and Android smartphones that allow users to control engine operation, to open and block doors, remotely track the route, adjust climate control system, etc. Applications are supported by such famous models as KIA, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai. This list will be greatly expanded in the future, as well as opportunities of smartphone applications. For instance, Mercedes-Benz is developing an application for parking in confined areas and off-road driving.  User will get a possibility to do those actions with the help of touch screen display, being out of the car. 

One can drive a car with the help of smart watches and wristbands. Such wearable devices have the same functionality as applications. Currently, owners of BMW, Porsche, Hyundai and Volkswagen can test devices worn on the wrist.

Immense opportunities of remote control are overshadowed by probability of control loss, caused by actions of malefactors. For example, earlier this year Troy Hunt managed to hack his friend’s Nissan Leaf, having found a vulnerable spot in application Carwings. Hacker not only got to know the history of car owner’s trips, but could also adjust the climate control system. It is important to note that Troy Hunt was in Australia, whereas his friend was in Great Britain.

Last year two computer hackers easily hacked Jeep Cherokee and drove it from the distance of 15 kilometers.

Thus, it is safe to say that the problem of data security is very acute, and few companies implement efficient protection methods against experienced hackers.

Automatic pilot system won’t let drivers feel bored

Elon Musk was the first to introduce a functional and safe automatic pilot system in cars – last year fully self-driving models Tesla S and Tesla X were presented. In order to go at optimum speed along highways, change lanes and avoid accidents, smart electric cars factor in showings of surveillance cameras, data obtained from sensors, radars and navigation system. 

Google also has its own variation of autonomous car. Remote-piloted vehicle from IT giant has already driven 2.7 million kilometers along the highways of the USA. And during the testing period the car was involved in road traffic accidents only 11 times, due to the fault of other cars’ drivers.

Today virtually all car industry leaders develop remote-piloted models – Daimler, Toyota, Volvo, Porsche and even KamAZ. Experts from the German Association of the Automotive Industry say that already in 15 years autopilot will be a common thing.

Scientists have calculated that autopilot system drives more accurately and 10% less fuel is consumed, as compared to the situation when a man is driving. The problem connected with technology implementation is that some drivers may not wish to be just passengers. Porsche has proven that automatic pilot system won’t let even experienced drivers feel bored. Owing to InnoDrive technology, the car won’t exceed the speed limit, but passengers might think that they are riding a sports car, as far as the car will negotiate corners with lateral acceleration.

Disadvantages of implementing autopilot system are also connected with insecure protection of personal data. Owner of autonomous car won’t be able to conceal how often he stops near the bar or where he spends the weekend. If onboard computer has this kind of information, the car manufacturer will have it as well. And if the user does not want Google to know everything about him, it would better for him not buy an autonomous car, manufactured by this company. 



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