Smart driving and real-time road signs recognition algorithm at CONNECTED CAR summit
Smart driving and real-time road signs recognition algorithm at CONNECTED CAR summit

This spring, on March 13, 2015, ECC Sokolniki in Moscow will host Russia’s first massive CONNECTED CAR summit. Event will gather developers of latest apps for automotive industry.

Viktor Pogrebnyak, CEO at AIFIL LLC, will become one of the conference speakers. Since 2011, Viktor has been developing intelligent objects search, recognition and monitoring algorithms. His company focuses on creating intelligent computer vision algorithms, machine learning and data analysis.

Specialist will make a presentation Road signs recognition in the real-time mode. During his speech, Viktor will dwell upon:

- applications of intelligent computer vision algorithms;

- road signs recognition mechanisms and operating peculiarities of the program;

- daytime and nighttime detection: similarities and differences, detection challenges;

- prospects for development: improving objects recognition under conditions of limited visibility;

- system learning algorithms: outline of the possible database;

- ways for improvement of productivity and system performance;

- prospects for integration into car systems, commercial use.

It’s worth noting that AIFIL LLC is now very close to developing its future core product – road signs recognition system. Working prototype is now ready to operate on mobile platforms (including in-car navigation systems). Victor’s company already has fast algorithms allowing to integrate apps in real-time.

Visit and participate in CONNECTED CAR summit. It’s your chance to try out apps for vehicles and find out about their operating peculiarities. Such an event will be the first of its kind in Russia and on the CIS territory.

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