Management of Corporate Fleet: Manufacturers of Monitoring Systems in Russia

Management of Corporate Fleet: Manufacturers of Monitoring Systems in Russia

Corporate fleet is a tool required to major companies and retailers. It is an involved park for cars of any classes, providing transport services depending on the customer needs: from personnel conveyance, corporate event support, meetings of special guests, and to freight handling.

The development of technologies has led to the automation of corporate fleets. According to the specialized portal, it will allow to eliminate a range of challenges:

  • the absence of classification. Paper logs are passing into history: now, company employees can examine available cars in the parking lot, reserve a car to travel through the city or for a business trip using a special program, while owners can see who takes a certain car and where a driver goes, as well as look at reports on specified car or staff period;
  • heavy maintenance expenses. Corporate fleet management systems allow to conduct the regular monitoring in order to respond to transport technical issues on time;
  • information storage on different media. New technologies will allow to store all fleet data in a single system, speeding up the processing of this information and enabling complex operations related to route sheets, tasks, etc.

Huge expenses for car park maintenance lead to the minimization of costs where control automation can be quite useful. Due to modern software, owners are able to automate their fleet, making it more efficient and monitored.

Given below are four Russian companies developing corporate fleet management software.

Corporate fleet management by FleetCare

Founded in 2010, FleetCare is an outsourcing company focused on corporate fleet managing and operating.

It has its own IT fleet management system with a fully automatic operational leasing calculator. The contractual base of suppliers includes 3000 service centers all over the Russian regions. LG Electronics, Heineken, Kimberly-Clark are the customers of the company as well.


ITOB develops complex automation systems of transport logistics. It was established in 2007.

The company specializes in development and deployment of management systems for transport enterprises and corporate vehicle fleet (TMS and FMS systems), implementation of intelligent systems of satellite control with connection of the necessary telematic equipment (GLONASS/GPS trackers, fuel level sensors, tachographs, RFID systems, etc.).

FMS (fleet management systems) is the system that contains the set of tools for managing personal as well as third-party transport. It controls transportation planning, the management of work with contractors, costs of fleet maintaining and services, and mutual settlements with contractors. Furthermore, the system implemented on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform and integrated into 1C: ERP provides operational satellite monitoring of vehicles.

TMS (transportation management system) is the software program for complex solutions on transport logistic automation. It is used as an order management system, also represented on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform and integrated into 1C: ERP.

Smart Drive Laboratory

Smart Drive Laboratory is the developer of solutions based on its own telematic platform and the only telematic operator of full range in Russia.

Additionally, Smart Drive Laboratory has launched the first recognition system and early warning system of accidents on the basis of Crash AI.

Element, the telematics device developed by Smart Drive Lab, allows:

  • to control the usage of company vehicles;
  • to optimize fleet costs;
  • to monitor the behavior of drivers running fleet vehicles;
  • to control the fleet technical state.


RAIDEN is a provider of complex transport services, found in 1991. Corporate fleet monitoring is one of the company services that deals with:

  • fleet audit and owners advising;
  • car storage: it is possible to leave the car for the night on one of Raiden specially equipped parking spaces or any other protected area;
  • car servicing, maintenance and repairing (terms control, car delivery to the service and back);
  • assistance in the case of accidents;
  • storage and replacement of tires;
  • fuel supply and fuel card management, etc.
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