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Traffic control of connected cars

Traffic control of connected cars

Alexander Belov, associate professor of the Transportation Systems Department at Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and of the Transportation Systems Management Department at Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics, will speak at Connected Car Summit.

Besides, our speaker is an expert at the Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport as well as an author and co-author of 14 published academic works as well as teaching and guiding works, 12 scientific articles, one collective teaching guide, author of one patent for invention. He is also a Ph.D. in Technical Sciences.

Speaker’s presentation topic: Prospects of traffic control in terms of connected and automated cars. Key points:

• conventional concepts of traffic flow control as minimization methods of probability and consequences of human driver’s mistakes;
• automation of car control: change of the traffic control paradigm;
• opportunities for increasing road traffic efficiency using connected cars technologies;
• ways of encouraging the shift to connected and automated cars due to road traffic organization.

Alexander is an associate contractor at the Radio Research and Development Institute, focusing on the development of scientifically proven offers on integrating systems for passenger and cargo transportation organization using autonomous vehicles in the Russian Federation (order of Rostransmodernizatsiya).

He will tell the audience about the intermediary results of his work, about features of combined traffic flow control, and share tips on integrating connected and automated cars in Russia rapidly and safely.

Connected Car Summit is the CIS largest forum dedicated to innovative technologies and car industry. It will bring together unique speakers, people of deeds and innovative thinking as well as creators of a new age and new values.

A co-organizer of the event is GLONASS UNION with the support of Autonet.

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