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For more than a century, air cars have remained a quixotic quest of engineers—an idealistic exercise with little long-term likelihood of entering mass production. As fuels go, air has obvious u...

Toyota i-Road electric one-seater brilliant in the turns 2015-02-25
Representative of Yandex is preparing report for Connected Car Summit 2015-02-25
E-Bike Battle Begins 2015-02-24

E-Bike Battle Begins

Four-wheel vehicles have their electric motors, and it was only a matter of time when the same would happen for two-wheelers. Today, there’re more than a couple of dozens of companies d...

Apple Self-Driving Car 2015-02-24

Apple Self-Driving Car

What would you do if you had 178 billion dollars? Apple is determined to invest it in self-driving cars and establish mass production by 2020. According to the research by Automotive Consulting...

Participant of Connected Car will be the first to determine the fault in your car 2015-02-23
Connected trucks from Scania 2015-02-20

Connected trucks from Scania

The concept of Big Data quickly extended to commercial vehicles. After all, this is where you can achieve the maximum benefit from a unified information system. Connected machines provide...

Get to know about development of carsharing in Russia at Connected Car Summit 2015-02-20
Get to know about computer-aided diagnostics and registering for technical maintenance in real time mode 2015-02-19
Uber designs self-governing taxi 2015-02-19

Uber designs self-governing taxi

Uber, app-based transportation network and taxi company, builds Research and Development Center to develop autonomous vehicles. Company reported it in its official blog. Travis Kalanik, owner...

Volkswagen presented the 5th generation Sharan minivan 2015-02-18
Sony is going to design self-driving cars 2015-02-18

Sony is going to design self-driving cars

Recently, we see how the major manufacturers rush to occupy new markets and niches where they claim to hold leading positions. Lately the rumor that Apple is working on creation of electric...

Electromotive cars: prospects of global and domestic markets 2015-02-17
Connected Car presents the automobile Smart For Two 2015-02-16
BMW’s Next Step into Wearables Could be Virtual Reality Goggles for Drivers 2015-02-16
Electric car from Chevrolet goes into mass production 2015-02-14
How will Google, Apple shake up car insurance industry? 2015-02-12
Car Networks and their application possibilities at CONNECTED CAR Summit 2015-02-10
Mercedes-Benz operated by autopilot 2015-02-10

Mercedes-Benz operated by autopilot

Mercedes-Benz tries to keep up with the times and that’s why the German concern presented the concept of futuristic car Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury at CES, the largest electronics exhibition. T...

Top Five Cars For Megacity 2015-02-09

Top Five Cars For Megacity

According to the calculations of experts, 70% of the world's population will have moved to megacities by 2050, and as a result huge congestions will simply paralyze traffic in cities. The...

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