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Smart driving and real-time road signs recognition algorithm at CONNECTED CAR summit 2015-02-08
Virtual Reality Now Available for Audi Consumers 2015-02-05

Virtual Reality Now Available for Audi Consumers

Virtual reality technology is no longer limited to video games. It is gradually finding its use in different verticals. The International CES this year, which was held in Las Vegas, was proof...

Connected Car will showcase Tesla, most technological car in the world 2015-02-04
Connected Cars Market Forecast in infographics by Forbes 2015-01-30
What is the future of mobile communications in the auto business? Find out at Connected Car Summit! 2015-01-29
Bootstrapping. How can a driver avoid traffic jams by means of ConnectedCar technologies? 2015-01-15
Connected Car Technologies Are On Guard Of Road Safety 2015-01-15
Connected Cars Market is Expected To Reach $141 Billion, Globally, By 2020 2015-01-14
"This city is the best city on the earth". How ConnectedCar technology can help city authorities to solve the problem of traffic jams? 2015-01-14
The Internet of Porsche 2015-01-13

The Internet of Porsche

As the “Internet of Things”/connected car discussion continues to evolve it becomes clear that the car is just one of many things that might be connected. But not all things are created equ...

Why do we need robotic cars? ConnectedCar technology is not a science fiction, but an accomplished fact. 2015-01-13
Connected Car:  «Still parking personally? We come to the rescue! " 2015-01-06
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